Entrepreneurial Psychological Capital: What is it?

A measure of characteristics that impact business success
Hope, Confidence, Resilience, Optimism, Courage, Purpose

These characteristics can be tested and developed.
At Peter Pease we are developing the Entrepreneurial Development Test to do just that…

About the Research

We are currently working on developing the Entrepreneurial Development Test as part of Peter’s PHD at Northumbria University, UK.
This novel test is designed to help business founders measure their psychological capital and build on their identified strengths.
Entrepreneurial Psychological Capital (EPC) is the psychology behind the test; it helps us to assess the presence of hope, confidence, resilience, optimism, courage and purpose in entrepreneurs. These attributes can be moulded and developed – all leading to an increased likelihood of success in your business venture!

Who is Peter Pease?

Peter is a semi-retired serial entrepreneur who has worked with over 4,000 clients and been responsible for the education of more than 30,000 learners. He has started, bought and sold multiple businesses, primarily in business education and services; the largest achieving a pre-IPO valuation of £25 million in 2007.
After selling his last business in 2011, Peter has devoted his time to giving back to the business community and bridging the gap between academia and business. As well as working with more than 20 startups at Newcastle Business School in the UK, Peter is currently working on research for a PHD in Entrepreneurial Psychology.

Get Involved!

Currently the Entrepreneurial Development Test is in the first stages of development. At Peter Pease, we are looking for business founders to collaborate with us to help shape the study. Participants will then gain free lifetime access to the study and a personalised report.
In Spring 2017, we are launching the pilot version of the Entrepreneurial Development Test and are seeking early stage startup founders to collaborate with us to develop and refine it. In return, those who take part in the study will receive a tailored feedback report and free, unlimited access to the final version of test.

What will you learn about yourself?

We think there are several different pieces of the jigsaw which are helpful to understand:

Why join the study?

  • Measure your Entrepreneurial Psychological Capital
  • Discover ways to develop your strengths
  • Find out how you compare with other founders
  • Help us to develop a model which will be useful for business founders in the future
  • Help with decision making styles and overcome cognitive biases

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